10 Reasons to choose CMS-INBOUND platform by Social Impulse

Jan 23, 2017
Social Impulse

10 Reasons to choose CMS-INBOUND platform by Social Impulse

CMS-INBOUND platform by Social Impulse brings together all the power of a Content Management System (CMS) but also the attraction of visitors and their conversion into leads. Simply put, it allows you not only to have a high level web presence but also a profitable one.

The platform is a concentrate of technology and content developed under a user-oriented approach. Here for the curious or undecided reader 10 “good” reasons to opt, even if he already has a solution somewhat similar or fragmented, for this complete framework.

1. A concentrate of experiments

CMS-Inbound by Social Impulse is the fruit of several years of experimentation in the Web and Digital but also Marketing, communication and training, where we have been involved in about a hundred projects both nationally and Internationally, from small to very large. During these years we were able to grasp the difficulty and the meteoric evolution of the digital world with a marked taste for challenges and unlimited agility. This allowed us to capitalize on our experiences to build well-thought-out frameworks and solutions for our customers and partners.

2. A mix of expertise

CMS-Inbound platform is also a mix of expertises in areas ranging from design to web development. Our proven expertise in content strategy and SEO, as well as in Social Media Marketing, Community Management and Inbound Marketing is a major and a strong asset for the platform. Add to this other new expertises that we continue to acquire and develop: Marketing Automation and Growth Hacking.

3. A set of good practices

In constant strategic monitoring, Social Impulse has been working since its inception to update its knowledge capital on a daily basis and real time in order to benefit its clients and partners. By integrating the latest innovations and best practices of the moment into its interventions and solutions, notably its CMS-Inbound platform, Social Impulse demonstrates a position of supplier not only of innovation but of a huge added value.

4. A platform that promotes effectiveness …

In an ever-changing digital world, effectiveness has never been more important to get things done and to fulfil missions and tasks in Time records. With the digital, it is no longer acceptable to show a lack of organization or failure in the management of time.

This is the spirit of CMS-Inbound platform by Social Impulse: Its goal, make your life easier!

5. … but also efficiency

Because effectiveness alone is not enough, efficiency is there to help us not only do things but do things right! It takes into account other criteria, the main one being the optimization of time, tasks, energy and budget in order to allow you an optimal customer experience. And to make your life even easier, an intuitive and constantly improved experience is at the heart of the platform which also aims to enable everyone to negotiate the turn of digital marketing and inbound.

6. A system that responds and adapts to your needs

This concentrated experience and expertise can not claim to be adapted to all situations and all the problems. That is why we propose to adapt it to your context and according to your needs. Thus we adapt the different components: Design, SEO, Content, Social networks, … according to your history, your values, your priorities and your positioning. By carefully listening to your needs, we quickly remodel the platform to respond to your needs effectively and efficiently!

CMS-INBOUND is a solution that suits you in opposition to platforms that require you to adapt to it!

7. An Evolving System

Compared to expensive, heavy and uncontrollable systems, CMS-Inbound by Social Impulse is meant to be controllable and scalable. With this Framework, Social Impulse aims to offer its clients and partners a solution that not only solves their current problems but anticipates constraints and future emergences through an open source model. This allows its users to have a permanent technical base. It goes without saying that it is a great asset when we know that solutions, in the cloud for instance, no control to the user. He must paradoxically adapt his business to the platform instead of the opposite !

8. A LEAD Generator & Manager

Today, it is no longer enough to be on the internet in showcase mode. Before going to the digital arena, brands have to ask themselves: WHY am I or should I go digital? It is this fundamental question from which will emerge their digital strategy. Brands can come on the Web in search of notoriety only or image, they can also come to treat their eReputation by a seed of digital identity. They can consider a good mix at a time. However, the current challenge, in all categories combined, is by far theLEAD generation and feeding of the CRM base of the brand. Aware of this imperative: CMS-Inbound platform puts LEAD generation and management and nurturing at the heart of its system.

9. A rise in skills and digital maturity

If, by defining objectives and needs, we understand the client context upstream of any project, it is through training and transfer of skills that we approach the end of every one in order to equip clients with all the necessary assets to the management of the platform. This philosophy is neither fortuitous nor punctual, it stems directly from the digital economy, which is based on knowledge as a major commodity and also the issues of content and data that fuel this new economy . Note that the CMS-Inbound Platform by Social Impulse places monitoring, data, information and content as well as training above all else!

10. A guaranteed return on investment (ROI)

With the generation and management of leads, skill growth, CRM capital real-time feeding, Social Impulse’s CMS-Inbound platform guarantees its users a certain return on investment. In addition to being quantitatively profitable, the solution is qualitatively calibrated to give full satisfaction thanks to an optimized architecture, ergonomics, User Experience (UX), contemporary design, adequate content, customized SEO and ad-hoc accompaniment.

Download the offer : bit.ly/CMSInbound 

CMS-INBOUND by social impulse

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