Digital Marketing for Millennials Resolved

Feb 20, 2017
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Are you familiar with Millennials? In case you missed the point, just look around you and you’ll see a lot of them. This generation of hyper connected fellows is already giving the Managers a hard time and the Marketers are none the less spared !

Let’s not talk about Generation Z, which rises and rises, let’s just stay on this generation Y (WHY) which poses a lot of questions and whose behaviour as a prosumer is to be taken very seriously by all Marketers (even in offline Marketing). Curious, suspicious, nomadic … this generation is in the image of the postmodern society: unpredictable, even liquid!

1. A generation that uses search engines (Massively)

Millennials tend to often do research on search engines. The almost monopolistic position of the giant Mountain View, Google, is of course to be taken into consideration by any Marketer who has to master the principles of SEO and SEA. The number of Google searches is so high (+ 2.4 million per minute) that brands have to be found both organically and/or with paying for keywords. And not only findable but on the first page and preferably in the first 5 lines!

2. A generation that searches information in new forums

Contrary to what one might think, the forums are not dead and they found a second life in social networks (Facebook, WhatsApp, Quora …), collaborative FAQs, Wikis,…. Who of us does not tend to search the info or fall into a forum by filling out a search engine? This happens frequently so that the forums 2.0 have good days ahead and are therefore to be taken into account by Digital Marketers wishing to target the new connected generations.

3. A generation that relies on user Ranking

This is the famous Ranking, That rating system imposed by the tsunami of apps. By giving users the ability to rate applications and solutions, the Web has completely reversed and given power to users. Brands wishing to enjoy a good reputation now have to deal with this variant of Digital Marketing if they want to seduce millennials! Indeed, are the most starred brands that will seduce and convince the connected generations by advocates from their side !

4. A generation that is active on Social Media

Social Media is for this generation the favorite playground. Whether to share photos, videos or snaps, these interactive networks have changed dramatically and influenced the uses of this generation. It is unclear whether one should rejoice or worry about this ongoing interaction but social networks and at their head the Facebook empire are here to last.

Kind Tip 1 : If you want to please millennials, stop harassing them by interruptive Marketing, outbound spamming methods and so, start instead your Inbound strategy now (Before it’s too late).

5. A generation that is fond of content rather than advertising

The content is a major issue and no smart Marketer (Smarketer) can think of a digital strategy without thinking about this discipline that imposes itself from day to day. The game is over for posts with simply “Hello”, or even intrusive ads, here it is about consistency and useful content. One shot campaigns based on Bling Bling, mediocre or trivial concepts do not interest anymore the rising generations in terms of utility and usability. Note also that millennials are using adblockers massively, thus stop advertising and start telling stories and disseminating the right contents to the right audiences at the right moments !

6. A generation that is addicted to mobile uses

It is not for nothing that nomadism was a major trend of the CES 2017 Las Vegas. A trend that will suddenly grow with the evolution of technologies and uses that go with (5G, terminals, IoT, Wearables…). But beyond techno, it is the resulting practices that are likely to interest sociologists and marketers of tomorrow with the increasing connectivity and the behavior of nomadic, unpredictable and borderless consumer !

Kind Tip 2: Millennials are using adblockers massively, thus stop advertising and start telling stories and disseminating the right contents to the right audiences at the right moments !

7. A generation that compares and buys on the internet

This may not yet be the case for developing countries like Morocco but the propensity to compare and buy on the Internet is a global trend that will sooner or later happen with the generalization and the rise of eCommerce. It is now necessary to reconsider the customer experience taking into consideration as a minimum the arrival of these new technologies as well as the related uses and user experience (UX). Will have won the one who will anticipate the best given his product market fit and time to Market.

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